Americana proudly recycles and encourages everyone to honor those whose efforts made local recycling possible by thoughtfully respecting our environment.

When Vaughn and Jenny settled in to their new home in Alpine back in 1996 they were very impressed with the local recycling program. “I could recycle more items here than I could in Austin!” explains Jenny, “…batteries, paperboard, all colors of plastic, they even repaired broken appliances that people could have for small donations to the program.”

It would be much later as they got to know the community that they learned it had not always been so. Hal and Mary Flanders had started the program in about 1990 when upon retiring in Alpine they discovered there was no recycling! After much hard work and pitching in from the community an award winning program evolved. Hal’s energy and creativity made taking your recycling a pleasure not a chore.

The program has changed quite a bit through the years and has continued through some serious struggles to keep many tons of material from our landfill. Hal passed away in 2001. It was a great loss to the entire Big Bend region; its people, wildlife and land all benefitted from his responsible and respectful stewardship.

Please go to to learn more about how you can follow in Hal's footsteps to minimize the harm your lifestyle may contribute and help preserve our environment for future generations.

Hints and tips to inspire you:

  1. REDUCE: Minimize the packaging that you purchase or take home with you. Do you need that many napkins? How about plastic ware? Aren’t you taking your food home anyway? Refill a water bottle instead of purchasing a plastic one. Carry your own reusable bags with you everywhere, not just the grocery store. Get businesses and organizations to stop sending you junk mail and catalogues.
  2. REUSE: At Americana we reuse our color boxes as business cards. Be creative and you can come up with new uses for things you otherwise might discard. For example, old blankets and pillows can go to animal shelters for bedding and food scraps can make compost.
  3. RECYCLE: Paper, plastic, glass, tin and aluminum can all be recycled at the Hal Flanders Recycling Center at 2700 Cemetery Road in Alpine.